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JC's Window Tinting has 20 years experience installing solar control window film and tinting cars, trucks, SUV's, homes, offices and retail shops by authorized tinters.  Pasadena tint shop contact information is the following:

Factory backed warranty includes Lifetime warranty & "Never to Fade Purple" from your south Houston Texas tint shop offering window tinting services at wholesale prices for solar window film.

Auto Tint Films include

  • Global Window Films Quick Dry Plus
    • NR Charcoal 5%, 20%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 50%
    • HP Charcoal Series
  • CeramiKool

Insulation for your glass windows
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Do you want to save money?  Have Pasadena tinter JC's Window Tinting install commercial films to reject the heat before it can pass through your windows and block 99% of the UV light.  Your a/c will work more effieciently with a lighter load & and electrical bill will go down.  Block up to 88% of the total heat from passing through your windows with a Dual reflective 5% or Grey Silver 10% commercial film.  Save money year after year with window films from JC's Window Tinting of Pasadena, South Houston, Texas.

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