Solar Control Films

Tint Distributor & Wholesale Auto Tinting Materials

Solar Control Films, Inc. provides superior customer service, along with industry leading premium tint products that build the confidence in our brand that our customers desire knowing that Solar Control Films, Inc is their trusted source as a wholesale tint supplier to buy films.

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As a window film wholesale distributor we supply a full line of marketing materials to help tinters grow their tinting business – Window Film banners to catch the eye of passers-by and pull them into your tint shop to buy, window tint counter displays to inform your prospective customers on the benefits of window film, wall displays with removable tint samples to help them choose the right solar tint to buy for their needs, ceiling danglers, and much more. Teaching tinters about the energy conservation properties of commercial and residential window films is important to Window Tint Pro, your solar tint suppliers.

Along with supplying premium quality window films and tint, Solar Control Films, Inc. is the exclusive supplier and distributor of Paint Protection Films, PPF, in the South for Texas, supplying our customers with the best paint protection film on the market to buy. Solar Control Films, Inc. is also a wholesale distributor and supplier of Roland GX-Pro Global Cutting Systems and supplier of Film Designs Software, offering a complete package for our automotive dealers specializing in high-end automobiles.

All the tinting tools that you need to buy such as Olfa blades, Olfa knives, Red Dot, Fusion Squeegee handles & Blue Max can be found at Solar Control Films, Inc., the auto tint distributor and wholesale tinting supplier in Texas.


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